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Together I belong to you, you belong to me... and nothing's gonna change that... you are my deepest love that I ever had...
Thinking of you You're the cutest girl alive,All i do is not just fine,'Cause I really miss you so,When you're not with me at all.So I hope you like the rhyme,'Cause I'll miss you more tonight.So I hope and pray to God,That tomorrow, you'll be mine.If you did enjoye...
Love Love is like the wind...
Even though you can feel it...
You can't see it.
I've seen I've seen angels in the sky. i've seen snow falling in july. I've seen things you can only imagine to see or do, but i haven't seen anything sweeter than you!
Baby The day I'll die, when death replaces birth, I'll recognize angels faces, because I live with one on earth...I LOVE YOU baby!
Love Only you have been and will be my true love!
Demonic love for an angel Inside of yourself, inside of Hell you reach/
A point of no return, where the horror and stench/
Create a barrier behind you… a gate of blood/
A wall of despair as black and cold as steel,/
That only the gatekeeper can see for real…/
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