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Love Only you have been and will be my true love!
Thinking of you You're the cutest girl alive,All i do is not just fine,'Cause I really miss you so,When you're not with me at all.So I hope you like the rhyme,'Cause I'll miss you more tonight.So I hope and pray to God,That tomorrow, you'll be mine.If you did enjoye...
Baby The day I'll die, when death replaces birth, I'll recognize angels faces, because I live with one on earth...I LOVE YOU baby!
Demonic love for an angel Inside of yourself, inside of Hell you reach/
A point of no return, where the horror and stench/
Create a barrier behind you… a gate of blood/
A wall of despair as black and cold as steel,/
That only the gatekeeper can see for real…/
I've seen I've seen angels in the sky. i've seen snow falling in july. I've seen things you can only imagine to see or do, but i haven't seen anything sweeter than you!
Together I belong to you, you belong to me... and nothing's gonna change that... you are my deepest love that I ever had...
Love Love is like the wind...
Even though you can feel it...
You can't see it.